Pan fried Profit from Business (Opportunities small capital business)


Fried food is a kind of food that almost all people in Indonesia. Although often considered less healthy foods, it seems the number of fans of this type of food is not on the wane. This opportunity can be utilized as a source of income. There are various alternative ways of distributing fried foods. And if you’re interested, follow these steps to start a business for your fried foods.

Preparatory steps:
1. Have the skills to make fried foods that suit most consumer tastes.
2. Prepare a place and method for selling.
3. Arrange the financial details required to run a business.
4. Do a market survey to know the types of fried foods are popular, what price range so that the fried food price outlook is not too far to reach profits.
5. Get the raw materials that are more affordable but quality.
6. Buy fried cooking equipment.

Realization steps:
1. Keep the place and sell equipment.
2. Innovate from time to time so that the flavors and variations of fried food is not monotonous and the same as competitors. You can be creative with the actual material to be processed into delicious fried foods but not many competitors ogled.
3. Place the gorengan in container clean and lid with tightly in order that spared from flies or dust.
4. Use a quality cooking oil.

Step-by-step marketing and promotion:
1. You can market to entrust it to the shops or stalls around you.
2. Tell to the person around that you have a venture production of food gorengan so that they could use the services your if needed.
3. To sell fried foods, you can use a cart or create a separate space to sell your home.

1. This business is easy to implement so that the competitors are many.
2. If you make the cooking oil is of poor quality, the quality and appearance of fried foods will decrease.
3. Unsold fried food can indeed be saved to be sold the next day, but it will change and not get any better.


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